Here at Longwoods we supply and install a complete and extensive range of superior quality uPVC windows for both the replacement domestic home improvement and the new build market. Our windows are available in a wide range of styles and designs, offering a selection of finishes and colour options. Every uPVC window is manufactured to offer a number of benefits, ensuring your home will be secure, warm, draught free and require zero cosmetic maintenance. Choosing the right replacement windows can improve your home’s thermal efficiency, reducing heating costs. uPVC windows are always competitively priced and come A-Rated as standard, the highest energy rating available. Our A-rated windows can reduce the energy required to heat your home, minimising your energy bills. Double-glazed uPVC windows have high insulation properties, preventing cold and air and draughts entering your home and heat from escaping. Our windows are also insulated and designed to minimise problems with noise outside of the home. Your home security is of high importance, that’s why all our window systems are made from only the highest quality materials, which have been designed to enhance security with high performance handles, hinges and locks. uPVC windows can make a significant contribution to the security of your home. An appealing feature of our uPVC windows is that they are virtually maintenance free. Our windows are designed to be weather resistant and will not rot, flake, rust or fade and are covered by a standard 10-year guarantee.




Aluminium or uPVC windows – Which is best for you?

When choosing new or replacement windows, many homeowners will be interested in a range of factors that will contribute to their decision, for example, weather performance, energy efficiency, security, quality, and price. Aluminium windows have many aesthetic advantages; the slim lines, improved corners, and high gloss appearance are often preferred over the standard uPVC window. Despite being slimmer, aluminium can be made much larger and taller than uPVC windows, due to the materials strength. The thinner frames allow extra natural light into the home, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Aluminium windows are available in any RAL colour; uPVC windows only have a set range of colours to choose from. Advancements in technology have improved aluminium windows significantly in recent years, including minimising condensation issues and increasing thermal efficiency. Due to its hard surface, aluminium resists denting and weathering. uPVC windows are often a popular choice for homeowners wanting to achieve a more traditional look. One of its main advantages is cost; uPVC is cheaper to source than aluminium and this reflects in the final pricing of the windows. uPVC is a durable material that is resistant to corrosion, flaking, fading and rotting. Another benefit of uPVC is how durable and diverse the material is. uPVC can be used to create a range of window styles, for example, windows with a woodgrain finish. Both materials are extremely secure, their frames are constructed to make it difficult to break or damage. Aluminium is often thought to be more secure and is considered to be almost burglar proof due to its strength. offer a range of uPVC windows in a variety of styles, such as leaded windows and Georgian windows. We also offer high quality aluminium windows available in a range of over 200 RAL colours.